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Loma Linda Children's Dental Group | Mouth and Jaw Development in Loma Linda


 Dr. Christopher Wacker

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Mouth and Jaw Development

Many young children with SDB have dental arches that are underdeveloped, narrow, and positioned too far back. A normal human profile should have the lips and chin positioned well in front of the eyes with a strong jawline. Unfortunately, in most cases, such growth and development doesn’t happen on its own.

Due to a modern world of limited breastfeeding and diet of soft and processed foods, there is an epidemic of children not developing properly in the lower facial areas. If proper growth and development is not encouraged in our children, our children will continue to grow into a state of improper form, with limited function and a restricted airway; leading to a lifetime of oxygen deprivation!

Early Treatment is Critical

If these abnormal conditions are left untreated in children, by the time they are fully grown, there is little that can be done to correct them.

All too often, teeth become overly crowded and extractions are prescribed, followed by years of braces. Eventually, many of these children will grow into adults with SDB, who may eventually require CPAP machines to obtain the oxygen they need at night – all because their airways were never allowed to fully develop.

By expanding the entire anatomy of the upper and lower jaws, the airway can expand and develop to its full potential. If treatment intervention occurs during a child’s critical growing years, many of the symptoms associated with SDB greatly diminish or simply disappear.

Loma Linda Dentist | Mouth and Jaw Development. Christopher Wacker is a Loma Linda Dentist.